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Obsessions vs Compulsions

OCD 'Types​'

The Importance of getting the right Treatment

OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) is widely considered a chronic, debilitating condition. If left unchecked it can critically alter our ability to function and experience life to its fullest. Though the struggles may feel very internal they are often woven into our relationships, work, and school.

While OCD was once considered 'untreatable', ERP (Exposure & Response Prevention), a specific type of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) has become the 'gold standard' for the evidence-based practice of treating OCD. 

With Client motivation for change and effective ERP Therapy, the majority of persons do get significantly better.

The Importance of awareness

  • Are you having intrusive, disturbing thoughts, images, urges, or doubts. Do you find yourself avoiding situations, places, people, or objects Do the above create fear, strong emotion, anxiety?
  • Do you find yourself driven to perform repetitive thoughts or actions aimed at neutralizing : distress, (mental/physical), uncertainty, a feared outcome, or a sense of not right/incomplete?

The Importance of understanding

OCD creates and maintains CYCLES of Obsessions & Compulsions that if left unchecked become increasingly relentless, time-consuming, interfering, and exhausting. OCD creates and then preys upon doubts about values we hold dearly and then demands certainty around and safety from risk.

The Importance of acceptance and being understood

We will create a safe space to talk sensitively but openly about thoughts, images, urges, actions, and sensations that you may consider both disturbing/distressing and embarrassing/irrational. We will distinguish the real You from the suffering You, emphasizing dignity, respect, and compassion.


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