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Organized around the many types of Obsessions & Compulsions are some OCD 'TYPES':

  • Contamination - can be physical including fear of doorknobs, toilets, body fluids, etc, or can be mental - for example, fear of taking on the characteristics of another person
  • Checking - can be physical such as repetitive checking of alarms, locks, appliances, windows, etc, or can be mental versions of checking memory for the same or similar items
  • Symmetry/Orderliness - can be physical including 'fixing', nudging, or moving picture frames, furniture, realigning items on coffee table or desk, etc, or can be having rigid, strictly planned, highly organized thought patterns
  • Perfection or 'Just Right' - great difficulty disengaging from something until a certain feeling of completeness or rightness is obtained - may be temporarily achieved through touch, sight, or a sensation in the body and/or mind
  • Scrupulosity (Religious/Moral) - those having strong morals, faith, etc, may experience intrusive and troubling thoughts/images, doubts. This may be experienced as questioning one's identity, worthiness, blasphemy, etc. Strict forms of repetitive praying, reciting, reassurance-seeking, thought neutralizing
  • Harm/Violence - H-OCD (toward other and/or self) - having upsetting, intrusive thoughts, doubts, or impulses pertaining to performing an unwanted act such as pushing someone into traffic, stabbing someone, harming self. Avoidance, reassuring through self-talk, or thought neutralizing, ruminating
  • Sexual - may be referred to as P-OCD, S-OCD - having unwanted, distressing thoughts/images, urges, doubts, about possibly having an attraction to the same (or opposite) gender, a child, or family member, etc. Feelings of guilt/shame may induce strict avoidance patterns. Physical/mental reviewing of intentions, urges, sensations
  • Relationship-Oriented OCD - R-OCD - Fixation on/doubt about one's intimate relationship and/or partner. Can lead to excessive 'evidence' seeking including: comparing with other couples, confirming desire/feelings, determining rightness of fit with partner, looking for evidence of attraction to someone other than partner, Etc
  • 'Hit & Run' - Fear of having inadvertently run someone over while driving or that it may occur is a serious challenge to one's sense of responsibility. Repeated checking of mirrors, one's own memory, and/or repeated driving back over routes may occur
  • Sensorimotor OCD - Enhanced awareness of normally largely unconscious body processes. Hypervigilence through self-monitoring, comparing, internet searches, etc may result
  • Existential/Philosophical OCD - Persistent, unrelenting questions about the realness of one's experience, the existence of others, the relevance of morals, the meaning of existence, etc. Mentally engaging through answering series of unending questions, searching for evidence, feelings of certainty, etc
  • 'Real Event' OCD - Feelings of guilt or shame about the possible impact of a past 'wrong-doing'. Persistent doubt about the role one played. Searching for information regarding person, event, etc, self-punishment, self-blame, etc
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder - BDD - monitoring self for slight flaws, imperfections in appearance. Symptoms have similar characteristics with OCD Forms. Treatment is similar

- One of the most tragic, debilitating aspects of OCD is that Obsessions often strike in areas that are most cherished and sacred to us. It is through the ensuing distress, shame, fear that OCD retains much of its grip

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