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YOUR Path &  Journey...

We begin by acknowledging, that you've had, and will continue to have, your own unique path. It provides the groundwork for our work together. The specific processes we are using will act as our guide. 'While I may know the forest, only you know the trees'.

I identify with the personal experience of OCD. After many years of hiding, I decided to reach out. My fears included being misunderstood and unaccepted. My thoughts and behaviours seemed bizarre and irrational to me. Upon sharing, an awareness came that these were symptoms shared by others, and there was an explanation. 

Our detailed focus will be to accomplish the following :

  • Celebrate... your strength and ingenuity. Your coping strategies (rituals) may be exhausting but in their own way they have kept you going
  • Accept... the irreplaceable person that you are - worthy of respect, choice, healthy coping
  • Frame... OCD as an unwanted/unhelpful visitor, seperate from You as a person
  • Learn... about your specific triggers (obsessions) and maintainers (compulsions, avoidance) and how to break their chain. How OCD distorts fear to stay relevant
  • Acknowledge... that thoughts are random mental events and not truths
  • Reinterpret... a realistic amount of responsibility for outcomes and the well-being of others
  • Experience... the combined power of: systematically confronting feared stimuli - remaining flexible and unreactive, embracing fear and uncertainty - with in-the-moment awareness
  • Reduction in... labelling and controlling uncomfortable emotions and body sensations
  • Awareness... that Anxiety  and Uncertainty are acceptable and we choose how we react
  • Freedom... that comes with spending your time, resources, and energy how you choose
  • Mastery... of living a life of intention, peace, and presence

Please contact Me to book an Assessment, Session, or for a Complimentary Consultation

Phone/Messages - 250.668.8354

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