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Obsessions & Compulsions

Obsessions induce distress/fear and Compulsions (Rituals) temporarily alleviate distress/fear.

Perhaps the most unfair factor at work is that while these Rituals feel like they have saved the day, what they are really doing is providing Obsessions with more power and leading to often lengthier, more complex Rituals.



are distressing/intrusive thoughts, images, urges, doubts, external triggers

Common Obsessions include:

  • Contamination (physical or mental)
  • Responsibility (disproportionate)
  • Orderliness/Symmetry
  • 'Just Right'/Incomplete feeling
  • Inducing Harm (thoughts, doubts)
  • Sexual (unwanted images, urges)
  • Scrupulosity (Religious/Moral)

- They are initially considered 'unacceptable' to ourselves

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are ritualized, repetitive behaviours and/or thoughts

Common Compulsions include:

  • Washing/Cleaning (external or internal)
  • Re-Checking (physical and/or mental)
  • Reordering/Realigning
  • 'Stuckness'/Cautiousness/Repeating
  • Thought neutralizing/Ruminating
  • Avoidance, Reviewing (physical/mental)
  • Repetitive praying, reciting, reassurance

- They are initially considered 'acceptable' to ourselves

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